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Weekend-type Chinese ancestral language courses
[EDITORIAL] Chinese ancestral language courses in North America has experienced decades of the vicissitudes of life, with little success. "Students learn Chinese for several years, learning to learn words or so to go" overseas Chinese teaching has become a phenomenon peculiar history. The reason is twofold: first, the objective conditions are poor, those who learn the language unfavorable factors, we have accounted for the. For example, very little time once a week throughout the year only 60 or 70 hours; language environment is poor; lack of student motivation; materials, outdated teaching methods and so on. Second, overseas Chinese school reform do not think a long time, year after year, a vicious cycle.

In Chinese to the world of the new situation, the first Chinese school in Toronto is seeking the biggest breakthrough! "Our school's weekend-type Chinese ancestral language courses include the following five types: the first type [courses] focus on literacy, especially Chinese ancestral language courses have long been effective is because little can not be resolved," literacy "is vital. leave the basic amount of talk about learning Chinese characters are empty of all our courses to focus on literacy, especially literacy, recognizing and reading the main target of 400 first-year literacy; the second year 410, a total of 810 have completed this phase school, you can enter the preparatory classes to read and eventually literacy target of 2,500. 2,500 commonly used words covering the amount of 99.12%, which is a reasonable standard. less than 2,500, reading too many "stumbling block"; more than 2,500, many Chinese characters do not need to waste time and energy the student mastered the 2,500 commonly used words, free to read all kinds of fairy tales and the general narrative, the cumulative amount of reading they are required to reach 100 million words. focus on literacy, especially the principle of course is:

First, literacy, reading simultaneously, in reading literacy, literacy in reading.

Second, the implementation of four "priority": 1) high priority to low-frequency Chinese characters, 2) term priority in single characters, 3) children's songs, the rhyme precedence over the general text, 4) recognizing and reading take precedence over writing. focus on literacy, especially the course materials are written by our own, two volumes per year, a total of four full courses each book content: • 12-15 chapter text character cards • • exercises • Vocabulary cards • Volume • tape test
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