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Our Advantages:

At Unique Chinese School, diverse programs satisfy every learner, Mandarin is our Ace ProgramAll the teachers here are teaching with love, passion and responsibilities! We commit ourselves to ensuring EVERY learner succeed in learning Mandarin and experiencing the culture. We guarantee below advantages we bring you exceptional value over other schools:


Happy Teaching & Learning: we always take into account each learner’s individual needs and we use varied teaching approaches to encourage practice and to make learning more interesting and joyful.


Efficient Qualified Staff: All of our teachers are certified teachers from mainland China or Canada, who have extensive experience in teaching. Larry Liu, who has over 30-year experience in teaching Mandarin, engages in studying effective teaching approach. Amelia Lin, who originated happy education approach, always cares about every kid. Our principals are leading and keeping the whole school at the top level!


Practical Materials: We compile most of the learning materials, which meet our students’ unique needs. You can’t find in other schools.


Almost 10-year rich experience, High-quality teaching and Top-class learning environment have earned Unique Chinese School a good reputation and a well-known brand!


Unique Chinese School makes everyone Happy, Effective, Lasting!

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