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2023 Chinese Summer Camp Closed, See You Next Year!

Top Mandarin Daycare Centre

About Us


Fee Schedule
The Top Mandarin Daycare Centre has signed the Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care
(CWELCC) agreement and is pleased to offer fee reductions as part of the agreement to
families in Top Mandarin Daycare Centre. Base fees are reduced upon registration by 25% September to December 2022 and 52.75% as of January 2023.

Age Group Hours Regular Fee Fee (after reductions)
Toddler Full Time   $1,460/month $689.85/month
Preschool Full Time  $1,360/month $642.60/month

*Registration Fee $100 ($42.75 reduced)
*Payment will be accepted by EMT (email money transfer), cash or cheque between the 15th and 25th of each month.
*The centre closes at 6:30pm; a fee of $1.00/minute will be charged if a child is late.


located at

Top-1: 3143 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, ON 
M1T 3J7 (Sheppard/Pharmacy,GracePoint Baptist Church).

Top-2: 4271 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1S 4G4 (Midland/Sheppard)

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Our school is a professional education institution that is open for kids to adults. Our programs include: after school curriculum, weekend Chinese (from learning the basic skills to learning more advanced Chinese through reading and writing), summer camp and beginner-advanced Chinese for adults. The books and materials that are included in these courses are designed for students of different age, level and background.


Through these years, Unique Chinese School has participated in various national tests including HSK and YCT. About a hundred of our students have been awarded with outstanding results. This is not only beneficial to our student but to us as well because it provides us with a sense of achievement.


This year, many of our students obtained national scholarships to travel to different provinces in China for a special Chinese summer camp. Also, one of our students, Betty Deng, participated in an international writing competition and was given the top award. Furthermore, one of our other students, Li Zhen Xie ranked first place in the Chinese cultural and history knowledge exam and was given the opportunity to go to Xi’an to compete in the finals.


Every Year, Unique Chinese School has a special theme for each of our summer, spring and winter camps that provide children aged 3-15 with entertaining and educational activities. These colorful activities made parents and students happily.


Unique Chinese School currently has more than 500 students in total. We have even exceeded that limit from our summer camp program of about 600 students. We have about 30 staffs. Furthermore, our school has created many original teaching materials for our students. Our main teaching material is called the North American Mandarin Series.



Learning Principle


Since many the majority of North American children are not surrounded by a Chinese speaking environment and considers it as their second language. Our North American Chinese education provides them with a special Chinese learning environment that can help improve their Chinese tremendously.


Over these 50 years, many Chinese education programs werent able to deliver results for their students. However, Unique Chinese School strives to change that with our type of learning philosophy.


Even with little time and a weak Chinese speaking environment, we believe with the right teaching method, our students will be able to improve and learn Chinese. Many of our students can even read Chinese newspapers and magazines now!  In conclusion, our motto is to not follow traditional teaching methods but to create our own unique method that will create amazing and effective results for our students.


Unique Chinese School

About Us


Unique Chinese School is a school that guarantees high quality learning on weekends and afterschool. Our school welcome students of all ethnicities. Currently, we are located in three different areas. Our locations are located at 4271 Sheppard Avenue (Midland/Sheppard), and 3143 Sheppard Ave E., GracePoint Baptist Church (Pharmacy/Sheppard), 212 Hiilsview Dr. (Bayview/MajorMackenzie). We are providing excellent learning environment.

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2023 Summer Camp Program


2023-24 Weekend Program

After school Program
Our 3 campuses provide Yellow School Bus to pick up students


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2023 Chinese Summer Camp Closed, See You Next Year!
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