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Summer Camp 2018

       2018 Mandarin Immersion

           Summer Camp

    Professional Mandarin Language School

                              Your First Choice

Everyday Intensive Mandarin Lesson - 8 Different Levels - Fun & Effective

Toddler Happy Mandarin (1.5-2.5yrs) -3143 Sheppard, Top Mandarin Daycare Centre

Preschool Happy Mandarin (2.5-5 yrs) -  3143 Sheppard, Top Mandarin Daycare Centre         

Kindergarten Mandarin 4-5 yrs        

Basic Mandarin & Chinese Phonics (6yrs+ )

Intensive Mandarin (6yrs+ )    

Pre-reading Class 6yrs+

Reading & Writing (8yrs+ )
Chinese as Second Language (6-18yrs, for non-Mandarin speaking students)

Everyday Variety Clubs

Drawing, Abacus, Crafts, Singing & Dancing in Mandarin, Rubik, Chess, Lego etc.

Everyday Fun Outdoor Activities

Football, Games, Rope Skipping, Hula Hoop, etc.

Fun and Fascinating Theme Activities--Chinese Culture

1.Chinese Zodiac-The Year of Rooster
2.Blue-and-White Porcelain
3.The Mystery of Yin-Yang Symbol
4. Chinese Brush Writing
5. Creating My "Own Stamp"
6. Lantern
7. Chinese Poems
8.We Love Chinese Brush Painting
9.Funning Face-Chinese Marks



Field Trip additional charge applied


Registration Hot Line: Amelia  416-400-3889

                                        Amanda 647-998-0928  

                                             Meagan 647-459-6865


Our Campuses' Environment:

Scarborough Campus 1:4271 Sheppard Ave, M1S 2B7 (Midland/Sheppard)

  Scarborough Campus 2:3143 Sheppard Ave. E, M1T 3J7 (Pharmacy/Sheppard)


Richmond Hill Campus:212 Hillsview Dr., L4C 1T2 (Bayview/Major Mac)  


Parents’ Comments:

“My daughter enjoys the time here every day.”

                                                                          -- Cindy’s parents

“Jason loves this school and the teachers, he has a lot of fun here.”

                                                                          -- Jason’s mother

“This school gives every child a chance to shine.”

                                                                          -- Ada’s parents

“After 9 weeks’ learning, Minyi has great improvement in her

Mandarin speaking and writing.”

                                                                          -- Minyi’s father

"I loved the played time outside and inside.  I liked my teacher. 
I miss my Chinese school."

 (Brandon & His mom Yolanda)


                 -Enjoy Your Summer Time Here-

         Unique Chinese School makes Learning

                   Happy, Effective, Lasting!







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